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Swertres Result for June 01, 2018

Welcome to the New month and we now upload the very first post of this month the Swertres result for June 01, 2018. The result is uploaded and mentioned below, check it and share with others:

  • Swertres Result 11am Today: 6-8-2 
  • Swertres Result 4pm Today: 3-4-7 
  • Swertres Result 9pm Today: 1-2-6

We wish that this month will better for you and you will win the PCSO lottery results and for today check this Swertres result for 01-06-2018 from their official website.

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We Post all results from Philippine PCSO Lotto Website, Results are uploaded within 10 to 15 minutes after they Announced.

For any Queries and If you notice any fallback then inform us Immediately …

PCSO Swertres Result Prizes 01 June 2018

  1. Play Standard – 3 Winning Digits are in the Same format then the prize amount – Ph 4,500
  2. Three Rambolito  – 1 Pair of Same Number and 1 is different then the Winning Amount will be – Ph 1,500
  3. Six Rambolito – 3 not same Digits then the actual Prize Amount will be – Ph 750

When you have all digits are same as winning numbers then you will win the maximum jackpot.

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